10.08.3 Time In Which A Judgment Lien Attaches

The precise time at which a judgment lien attaches to property or becomes operative depends upon the kind of action and the jurisdiction in which the judgment is entered. In most cases a judgment attaches at the time the judgment or an abstract of the judgment containing the information identifying the judgment debtor as described in U.C.A. Section 78B-5-201(4) is recorded in the office of the county recorder; or the judgment or an abstract of the judgment and a separate information statement of the judgment creditor as described in U.C.A. Section 78B-5-201(5) is recorded in the office of the county recorder.  The lien of the judgment affects all real property of the debtor (then owned or after acquired) in the county where the judgment is recorded. 

A judgment in favor of a state agency does not need to be recorded nor is an information statement required in order for the state agency judgment to become a lien on real property.  (78B-5-201(3)(b)). 

The judgment runs from the date of entry by the district court or justice court.

The following are the types of judgments that may become liens in Utah:

Code Description Statutory Code

RJ Restitution Judgment UCA §76-3-201(4) & 77-18-6
AA Abstract of Award UCA §34-28-9(3)
AB Abstract of Judgment UCA §78B-5-202(3)
AJ Agreed Judgment URCP Rule 58A
BC Confession of Judgment URCP Rule 58A
CJ Custody & Support Judgment UCA §78B-12-112(3) & 30-3-10.2
DD Divorce Decree UCA 30-3 et seq
DJ Default Judgment URCP Rule 55
Military Judgments UCA §39-1-40.5
SL Administrative Final Order UCA §62A-11-312.5
FJ Foreign Judgment UCA §78B-5-3
IC Industrial Commission Judgment UCA §35A-4-305(5)
JJ Transcript of Judgment from Federal Court UCA §38-5-1
JM Modification of Judgment URCP Rule 59 & 69
JP Paternity Judgment UCA §78B-15-616
OP Judgment on Pleading See Summary Judgment
SA Set Aside Judgment URCP Rule 60
SJ Summary Judgment URCP Rule 56 & 54b
ST Stipulated Judgment URCP Rule 58A
TJ Trial Judgment URCP Rule 58A
TX Tax Commission Judgment UCA §34A-2-212, 59-5-108, 59-1-1414, 59-1-1413, 35A-4-305
WC Wage Claim UCA 34-28-9