5.04 Endorsements


In General

An endorsement is an amendment or addition to a title insurance policy. Endorsements cannot be issued except in connection with a title insurance policy. Endorsements increase the liability of the Company under the policy. Only the Company or its licensed Texas agent can issue an endorsement to the Company's policies.

The use of endorsements and the forms of endorsements are regulated in Texas. Only promulgated form can be used and many of the promulgated endorsements carry a promulgated premium.

Endorsement Name Texas Equivalent Premium
ALTA Form 5 Series Planned Unit Development T-17 $25
ALTA Form 6 SeriesVariable Rate Mortgage T-33 $20
ALTA Form 6.2 Series-Variable Rate, Negative Ammortization T-33.1 and issue MTP for 125% of loan amount $20
ALTA Form 7 Series-Manufactured Housing T-31; T-31.1 $20 (T-31); $50 (T-31.1)
ALTA Form 8.1 Series-Environmental Protection T-36 $25
ALTA Form 9 Series -Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals T-19 5% Basic Rate (Residential) w/$50 minimum; 10% Basic Rate (Non-residential) w/$50minimum
ALTA Form 9.1Series T-19.1 (non-res only) 15% Basic Rate w/$25 minimum
no equivilant T-19.2 No charge for loan policy; $50 for Owners policy. w/general mineral exception
no equivilant T-19.3 No charge for loan policy; $50 for Owners policy. w/general mineral exception
ALTA Form 10 Series-Assignment of Lien T-3 Minimum Basic Rate
ALTA Form 11 Series-Modification T-38 $100 plus $10 for each 12 mo period following date of policy anniversary
ALTA Form 12-06 SeriesAggregation T-16 $25
ALTA Form 13-06 SeriesLeasehold Owner T-4 No charge
ALTA Form 13.1-06 Series-Leasehold Loan Policy T-5 No charge
ALTA Form 14A-06 SeriesFuture Advances T-3 $50
ALTA Form 15-06 SeriesNon-imputation T-24 (non-res only) 5% Basic Rate w/$25 minimum
Non-imputation Mezanine Financing16-06 Series T-24.1 $25.00
ALTA Form 17-SeriesAccess and Entry T-23 (non-res only) $100
ALTA Form 19; 19.1-Contiguity T-25 (non-res only) $100
Multiparcel Contiguity 19-06 Series T-25.1 $100 per policy
CLTA Form 100-Comprehensive T-19 5% Basic Rate (Residential) w/$25 minimum; 10% Basic Rate (Non-residential) w/$25 minimum
CLTA Form 108.1-Revolving Credit T-35 $50
CLTA Form 111.9-FNMA Balloon Mortgage T-39 $25 at issuance; $50 post policy
CLTA Form 115.2 T-17 $25
CLTA Form 116.4 T-25 (non-res only) $100
Access Form 17 Series T-23 (non-res only) $100
Contiguity Form 19 Series T-25 (non-res only) $100
First Loss 20.06 T-14 (non-res only) $25
      withdrawn 2-1-10 as unnecessary
Non-imputation T-24 (non-res only) 5% Basic Rate w/$25 minimum
Non-imputation- mezzanine financing T-24.1 (non-re only) 5% Basic Rate w/$25 minimum
Mortgage Policy Aggregation T-16 $25
Additional Insured (family trusts & pshps) T-26  (OTP) all property types 10% of Basic Premium
Home Equity Loans T-42 (mandatory) & T-42.1 T-42 (10% of Premium); T-42.1 (15%)
Reverse Mortgage T-43 none
Revolving Credit T-35 $50
Tax Deletion T-30 $20
Modification of Loan (no new lien or money) T-38 $100 for first year/$10 for each additional year or part of a year
Assignment of Rents/Leases T-27 none
Condominium  ALTA 4.06 T-28 none
Texas Limited Coverage Chain of Title No Alta   $15.00 for $100 policy amount
Co-insurance  23.06 T-48 none
revised 1-1-2012