6.04 Federal Judgments


In General

Section 1962 of title 28 U.S.C.A. provides as follows:

"Section 1962. Lien

Every judgment rendered by a district court within a State shall be a lien on the property located in such State in the same manner, to the same extent and under the same conditions as a judgment of a court of general jurisdiction in such State, and shall cease to be a lien in the same manner and time. Whenever the law of any State requires a judgment of a State court to be registered, recorded, docketed or indexed, or any other act to be done, in a particular manner, or in a certain office or county or parish before such lien attaches, such requirement shall apply only if the law of such State authorizes the judgment of a court of the United States to be registered, recorded, docketed, indexed or otherwise conformed to rules and requirements relating to judgments of the courts of the State."

Under Federal law (28 USC Sec. 32.01), an abstract of judgment in favor of the United States of America is valid for 20 years. It can be renewed once for an additional 20 years.