Boundary Lines

Boundary line conflicts may be evident from the examination of title or surveys reflecting encroachments or other boundary issues. The Company requires a review of the last deed to the adjoining land when examining commercial or agricultural land to discover any apparent conflicts.



Boundary Line Conflict – Require Boundary Line

Any right or claim because of boundary line conflict along the ____________ boundary line of the land. The Company requires for its review a satisfactory boundary line agreement by the owners and the lienholders on the land and the adjoining property. At that time, the Company may make additional requirements or exceptions.
Comment: This provision requires a boundary line agreement because of an apparent boundary issue reflected by a survey, examination, or inspection. The lienholders on the adjoining land generally must join.


Survey required

The exact distances, dimensions, and locations of the boundary lines of the premises described herein cannot be guaranteed in the absence of an acceptable survey certified to the Company.
Note: You may add additional local requirements here. Please consult with our underwriting personnel in preparing appropriate provisions.



Boundary Line Conflict

Boundary line conflict with the adjoining tract along the ____________ line of the land.
Comment: This provision excepts to a boundary conflict evidenced by a survey, examination, or inspection. It can be clarified by reference to the description of the adjoining tract.


Boundary Line Agreement

Terms and provisions of boundary line agreement concerning the ____________ line of the land recorded ____________.
Comment: This provision excepts to the terms of a recorded boundary line agreement.


Exception to Disputed Area

The following portion of the land is specifically excepted from the coverage of this Policy: ___________________________________________________________.
Comment: If the survey or examination reflects a substantial and identifiable portion of the land in conflict, that portion may be specifically excepted from coverage. This should not be done if the description of the insured land can delete the portion in conflict (e.g. an entire lot). If this exception is used, the Company also prefers to save and except the identifiable portion in the Schedule A description.


Perimeter lots on filed maps

The exact location of the _____________(compass direction)_____ line of the premises is not insured.


Driveway not shown on survey

The survey map does not show the location of a driveway from the _______ (garage or carport)_____ shown on the survey. Policy will except all loss, cost or damage resulting from the possible existence of a driveway servicing the insured premises, which is not located entirely within the boundary lines of the premises.