Fractional Interests

Insuring the conveyance or mortgage of the interest of a party, without involving other owners, can be problematical. Underwriting personnel must carefully scrutinize such a transaction.



Certification for insurance of a fractional int

This certificate and report of title is prepared for the purpose of insuring title to that interest in the premises now held by __(name)__. A written certification, duly acknowledged, executed by all of the other owners is required, certifying that __(name)__ owns an undivided __(fraction or percentage)__ interest in the premises described herein, without claim or offset of any kind in favor of said co-owners. Title is also subject to Federal Tax Liens, if any, which may be found filed against any of the other owners.


Recital of fractional interest

The recitation in the certification of title of percentage or fractional interests of the certified owner must not be recited in a conveyance or mortgage to be insured. Instead the conveyance or mortgage must be of “all the right, title and interest” of the grantor (or mortgagor) in the premises.