The states impose numerous limitations on alien ownership of land.
Aliens are permitted to acquire, own and dispose of real property in New York without any special restrictions (Real Property Law §10.2.). Consequently, there are no special New York exceptions for ownership by alien individuals. Where an alien corporation is in title to real property, or is acquiring or mortgaging same, exception COR04 must be raised. See the topic Corporations in this manual.
Foreign governments are permitted to acquire, hold and dispose of real estate in New York for the purpose of maintaining offices and places of residence for ambassadors, consular officers and United Nations representatives (Real Property Law §10.3.). Where a foreign government acquires, title may be held in the name of the foreign government, or in the name of its ambassador, consul or minister to the U.N. If title is taken in an individual in such capacity, and the conveyance contains language indicating that title is to vest in the holder of the office rather than in the named individual, title shall pass to the successors in office without a deed. (Real Property Law §10.3.). For exceptions, see the topic Foreign Governments in this manual.