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STG Coronavirus Acknowledgment

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Coronavirus Acknowledgment

File No.          __________________________________________

Address:        __________________________________________

Insured Owner(s):    _________________________________________________________

Owner’s Policy Amount:     __________________

Insured Lender:        _________________________________________________________

Loan Policy Amount:           __________________

This Coronavirus Acknowledgment relates to the unprecedented circumstances arising out of the Coronavirus pandemic and its potential impact on your transaction.  Access to recording offices is or may be limited or unavailable at any time and from time to time.

In consideration of the issuance of a policy/policies of title insurance by Stewart Title Guaranty Company and its Policy Issuing Agent ________________________________________, if applicable (collectively, “Stewart”), to the owner and/or lender named above, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees as follows:

There may be a delay of unknown duration in the recording of the deed, mortgage, deed of trust, satisfactions, releases, or other recordable documents, etc. (collectively “Recordable Documents”);

The return of the original recorded Recordable Documents may be delayed; and

Notwithstanding any inconsistent contract provisions or instructions given to Stewart regarding the recording of the Recordable Documents, this Acknowledgment controls.

The foregoing does not alter or diminish the coverage under the title insurance policy.

New Owner/Buyer:                                                  New Owner/Buyer:

_____________________________________ _____________________________________

Print Name:   __________________________  Print Name:   __________________________

Lender Name:           _____________________________________

By:      ________________________________________________

Print Name and Title:           ________________________________

Instructions to Closer:

This document must be signed by all Insureds (New Owner/Buyer and Lender) at or prior to closing, in all situations where you may not be able to record the recordable documents, i.e., where eRecording is unavailable and the recording office is closed or may close.  It doesn’t need to be notarized.  You may accept an emailed version of the text in an email from a representative of an Institutional Lender.  Please deliver a copy to the New Owner/Buyer, Lender and Seller, if any.

REVISED 2020 0331

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