STG Patent Endorsement 2


The provisions of said policy are hereby modified and amended as of the date hereof as to the following matters and none other:

The Company hereby insures the Insured against loss or damage, by reason of the exercise of the reservations contained in the Patents to said land contained in Schedule A, as long as the Insureds' use of the land does not interfere with the rights of ways for canals and ditches.

The total liability of the Company under this policy and any endorsements therein shall, not exceed, in the aggregate, the face amount of said policy and costs which the Company is obligated under the Conditions and Stipulations hereof to pay.

This endorsement is made a part of the policy and is subject to all of the terms and provisions thereof and of any prior endorsements thereto. Except to the extent expressly stated, it neither modifies any of the terms and provisions of the policy and any prior endorsements, nor does it extend the effective date of the policy and any prior endorsements, nor does it increase the face amount thereof.

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