Standard New York Endorsement Loan 7.2015




1.     Covered Risk Number 11 is deleted, and the following is substituted:

    11. The lack of priority of the lien of the Insured Mortgage upon the Title

(a) as security for each and every advance of proceeds of the loan secured by the Insured Mortgage over any statutory lien arising under Article 2 of the New York the Lien Law for services, labor, or material arising from construction of an improvement or work related to the Land when the improvement or work is either

(i)     contracted for or commenced on or before Date of Policy; or

(ii)    contracted for, commenced, or continued after Date of Policy if the construction is financed, in whole or in part, by proceeds of the loan secured by the Insured Mortgage that the Insured has advanced or is obligated on Date of Policy to advance; and

2.     Exclusion Number 7 is deleted, and the following is substituted:

7. Any lien on the Title for real estate taxes, assessments, water charges or sewer rents imposed by governmental authority and created or attaching between Date of Policy and the date of recording of the Insured Mortgage in the Public Records. This Exclusion does not modify or limit the coverage provided under Covered Risk 11(b).

3.     Exclusions From Coverage is amended by adding a new Exclusion Number 8:

    8. Any consumer protection law including, without limitation, New York Banking Law Sections 6-l (“High-Cost Home Loans”) and 6-m (“Subprime Home Loans”), relating to a mortgage on Land improved or to be improved by a structure or structures intended principally for occupancy by one-to-four families.

This endorsement is issued as part of the policy. Except as it expressly states, it does not (i) modify any of the terms and provisions of the policy, (ii) modify any prior endorsements, (iii) extend the Date of Policy, or (iv) increase the Amount of Insurance. To the extent a provision of the policy or a previous endorsement is inconsistent with an express provision of this endorsement, this endorsement controls. Otherwise, this endorsement is subject to all of the terms and provisions of the policy and of any prior endorsements.




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