NM Form 22 Pending Disbursement Down Date Endorsement

NM Form 22 Pending Disbursement Down Date Endorsement

Pending Disbursement Down Date Endorsement

Attached to Policy No._____

Issued by


Disbursement in the amount of $______ having been made on account of the proceeds of the loan; liability under said policy is hereby recognized to be the amount of $______ .

The following matters appear of record since _____ (Date of policy or previous endorsement)

Nothing herein contained shall be construed as extending or changing the effective date of said policy, unless otherwise expressly stated.

This endorsement, when countersigned below by a Validating Signatory, is made a part of said policy and is subject to the Exclusions from Coverage, schedules, conditions and stipulations therein, except as modified by the provisions hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Company has caused its corporate name and seal to be hereunto affixed by its duly authorized officers.

Dated: _________________



By: _________________________________________, President

Countersigned By: _____________________________, Validating Signatory

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