NY Collateral Mortgage - Section 255 Affidavit


STATE OF      
COUNTY OF       ss.

     , being duly sworn, deposes and says:

1.  That he resides at      , and that he is an office, to with      , of       having its principal office at      .

2.  That said       is the owner and holder of a mortgage made by       to       to secure the payment of the principal sum of $      dated       and recorded in the Office of the Register/Clerk of the county of       in Reel/Liber       of Mortgages at page       covering premises      , which mortgage there is now unpaid the sum of $     , the mortgage tax thereon having been paid under Serial No.      .

3.  That as further and additional security for the payment of the said indebtedness mentioned in and secured by the above mentioned mortgage,       executed and delivered to       a certain indenture of mortgage, dated, covering premises known as      , which said collateral mortgage is herewith offered for record in the Office of the Register/Clerk of the County of      .

4.  That the said additional indenture is given for the purpose of further securing the same principal indebtedness which is or under any contingency may be secured by the above mentioned primary mortgage and that such additional and collateral mortgage does not create or secure and new or further indebtedness or obligation other than the principal indebtedness or obligation secured by or which under and contingency may be secured by the said primary mortgage.

Wherefore, deponent respectfully requests that such additional mortgage may be declared exempt from taxation pursuant to Section 255 of Article XI of the Tax Law of the State of New York.



Sworn to before me this

      day of      , 20     


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