OH PJR Extended Coverage Endorsement


Attached to and made a part of Preliminary Judicial Report No. _________

Issued by



The above-referenced Preliminary Judicial Report is amended as follows:

1. Definition of Terms is amended as follows:

"Guaranteed Party": All parties to the proceedings and the purchaser at judicial sale.

5. Extent of Liability is amended to read as follows:

The liability of the Company to any Guaranteed Claimant or Guaranteed Party shall in no case exceed in the aggregate the amount stated herein; however, expenditures for litigation costs and attorney's fees incurred in contesting a claim or reopening, continuing or initiating a judicial proceeding, shall not reduce the amount recoverable herein.

6. Options to Pay or Otherwise Settle Claims; Termination of Liability, subparagraphs (a) and (d) are amended to read as follows:

a. To pay or tender to the Guaranteed Claimant the amount guaranteed under the Report or the balance remaining thereof. If this option is exercised, all liability of the Company under this Report terminates.

d. To pay or tender to the Guaranteed Claimant the difference between the value of the estate or interest as guaranteed and the value of the estate or interest subject to the non-monetary defect or non-monetary encumbrance guaranteed against by this Report.

This endorsement is made apart of the preliminary judicial report referred to above, and except as modified herein, is subject to the terms and provisions thereof.

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