STG Leasehold Loan Policy Schedule A - Native American

ALTA Leasehold Loan Policy (1992)


Order No.: 

Policy No.: M-9995-

Date of Policy at a.m./p.m. 

Amount of Insurance:

1. Name of Insured:

2. The estate or interest in the land described or referred to and covered herein is the leasehold estate, in Indian lands [e.g., land held in trust for an Indian Tribe, band, community, group, pueblo ("Tribe"), or land held by any of the above subject to restrictions against alienation or encumbrance], created by the instrument herein referred to as the Lease which is identified as follows:





Instrument No. or Volume/Page, etc.:

3. Title to the estate or interest in the land is vested in:

4. The insured mortgage and assignments, if any, are described as follows:

5. The land referred to in this policy is described as follows:

A portion of the ___________________ (name of Tribe or reservation) lands described as follows:

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