CLTA Property Owner's Notice Guarantee (revised 06/06/92) 25

Property Owner's Notice Guarantee


Property Owner's Notice Guarantee

Order No. Liability Fee $ [Guarantee No. ]

1. Name of Assured:

2. Date of Guarantee:

The assurances referred to on the face page hereof are:

1. That, according to the last equalized Assessment Roll ("Assessment Roll") in the office of

a. The persons listed below as "Assessed Owner" are shown on the Assessment Roll as owning real property within [300] feet of the land identified on the Assessment Roll as Assessor's Parcel Number(s):

b. The Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) and any addresses shown below are as shown on the Assessment Roll.

2. That, according to the Company's property records (but without examination of those company records maintained or indexed by name), there have been no documents recorded subsequent to purporting to transfer title to any of the properties listed below, except as indicated.


(Assessor's Tax Parcel Number and

property address, if shown) ASSESSED OWNER

(Name of assessed owner and mailing

address, shown)

By document recorded the land was purportedly transferred to: .

Mailing Address:

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