IL Notarial Record - Residential Real Property Transactions

Notarial Record – Residential Real Property Transactions

Date Notarized:

Fee: $

The undersigned grantor hereby certifies that the real property

identified in this Notarial Record is Residential Real Property

as defined in the Illinois Notary Public Act.

Grantor's (Signer's) Printed Name:

Grantor's (Signer's) Signature:

Grantor's (Signer's) Residential Street Address, City, State,

and Zip:

Type or Name of Document of Conveyance:

PIN No. of Residential Real Property:

Common Street Address of Residential Real Property:

Thumbprint or Fingerprint:



Description of Means of Identification:
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Additional Comments:

Name of Notary Printed:

Notary Phone Number:

Commission Expiration Date:

Residential Street Address of Notary, City, State, and Zip:


Name of Notary's Employer or Principal:

Business Street Address of Notary's Employer or Principal,

City, State, and Zip:

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