CLTA Removal of Improvements from Easement Endorsement (03-09-07) 103.3-06


Attached to Policy No.

Issued by


The Company insures against loss or damage sustained by the Insured in the event that the owner of the easement referred to in paragraph of Schedule B shall, for the purpose of * ______________ compel the removal of any portion of the improvements on the Land which encroach upon said easement.

This endorsement is issued as part of the policy. Except as it expressly states, it does not (i) modify any of the terms and provisions of the policy, (ii) modify any prior endorsements, (iii) extend the Date of Policy, or (iv) increase the Amount of Insurance. To the extent a provision of the policy or a previous endorsement is inconsistent with an express provision of this endorsement, this endorsement controls. Otherwise, this endorsement is subject to all of the terms and provisions of the policy and of any prior endorsements.


* insert use against which insurance is to be given, e.g.,

(1) Insurance limited to loss by reason of maintenance and repair of specific existing structure: "maintaining and repairing the existing storm drain structure within said easement."

(2) Insurance same as (1) plus enlarging or replacing existing structure: "maintaining, repairing, enlarging or replacing the existing storm drain within said easement.:

(3) Insurance unlimited: "exercising the right of use or maintenance of said easement."

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