CO Release-Deed of Trust Without Original Note (All Counties, Except Denver) 1



PURSUANT TO 38-39-102(3.5) C.R.S.

_____________________________________________ Date

_____________________________________________ Original Grantor


_____________________________________________ Original Beneficiary


_____________________________________________ Date of Deed of Trust

_____________________________________________ Recording Date of

Deed of Trust

_____________________________________________ County of Recording

_____________________________________________ of Recorded Deed of Trust

Reception No. and/or Film No.and/orBook No./Page No.


_____________________________ County (The Public Trustee to whom the above Deed of Trust conveys the said property.)

PLEASE EXECUTE AND RECORD A RELEASE OF THE ABOVE-DESCRIBED DEED OF TRUST pursuant to 38-39-102(3.5) C.R.S. In support of this Request for Release of Deed of Trust, the undersigned, as the owner of the evidence of debt secured by the above-described Deed of Trust or the agent or attorney thereof, in lieu of the production or exhibition of the original evidence of debt with this Request for Release, certifies as follows:

1. The purpose of the Deed of Trust has been fully satisfied.

2. The original evidence of debt is not being exhibited or produced herewith.

3. The owner of the evidence of the debt agrees that it is obligated to indemnify the Public Trustee pursuant to 38-39-102(3.5)(a) C.R.S. for any and all damages, costs, liabilities, and reasonable attorney fees incurred as a result of the Public Trustee taken in accordance with this Request for Release.

4. It is one of the entities described in 38-39-102(3.5)(b), C.R.S.


Current Owner and Holder of the Indebtedness Secured by Deed of Trust (Lender)


Name and Title of Agent or Officer of Current Owner and Holder


Address of Current Owner and Holder

_____________________________ ______________________________


State of, County of

The foregoing Request for Release was acknowledged before me on

_____________________ (date) by *


______________________________ Witness My Hand and Official Seal



______________________________ _______________________________

__________ Date Commission ExpiresNotary Public


WHEREAS, the above referenced Grantor(s), by Deed of Trust, conveyed certain real property described in said Deed of Trust to the Public Trustee of the County referenced above, in the State of Colorado, to be held in trust to secure the payment of the indebtedness referred to therein; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of the Deed of Trust has been fully satisfied according to the written request of the current owner and holder of the said indebtedness;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premise sand the payment of the statutory sum, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I, as the Public Trustee in the County first referenced above, do hereby remise, release and quitclaim unto the present owner or owners of said real property, and unto the heirs, successors and assigns of such owner or owners forever, all the right, title and interest which I have under and by virtue of the aforesaid Deed of Trust in the real estate described therein, to have and to hold the same, with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging forever; and further I do hereby fully and absolutely releases, cancel and forever discharge said Deed of Trust.


Public Trustee

State of , County of

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged

before me on ____________ (date) by *by ____________________________

_______________________ as theDeputy Public Trustee

_______________________ Public Trustee ofWitness My Hand and Official Seal

_______________________ County, Colorado

_________________ Date Commission Expires _____________________________

* If applicable, insert title of agent or officerNotary Public

and name of current owner and holder.



Original Deed of Trust Returned to:

Received by ___________________________

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