AR Acknowledgment-Individual (With Relinquishment of Dower and Curtsey) 1



) SS.

COUNTY OF ____________)

On this day personally appeared before the undersigned, A Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, duly qualified, commissioned and acting, within and for the said County and State, personally appeared _________________ and ________________, his wife, to me well known as one of the GRANTORS in the foregoing _______________ Deed, and stated that they had executed the same for the consideration and purposes therein mentioned and set forth.

And on the same day also voluntarily appeared before me _________________, wife of the said _______________, to me well known, and in the absence of her said husband declared that she had, of her own free will, executed said _________________ Deed and signed and sealed the relinquishment of dower, curtsey and homestead therein for the consideration and purposes therein contained and set forth, without compulsion or undue influence of her said husband.

WITNESS my hand and official seal on this ________ day of _________, 20_______.



My Commission Expires:


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