CLTA Chain of Title Guarantee 6

Chain of Title Guarantee

Order No. __________

Liability ___________

Fee $ __________ [Guarantee No. ________ ]

1. Name of Assured:

2. Date of Guarantee:

The assurances referred to on the face page are:

That, according to those public records which, under the recording laws, impart constructive notice of matters relating to the interest, if any, which was (acquired) (reserved) by

pursuant to a (identify instrument) __________ in and to the land described as follows:

Only the following matters appear in such records subsequent to _________________

______________________ :

This Guarantee does not cover:

1. Taxes, assessments, and matters related thereto.

2. Instruments, proceedings, or other matters which do not specifically describe said land.*

*Delete if G.I. run is made.

For issuing guidelines on this form, see Guidelines