CLTA Mechanic's Lien Guarantee 9

Mechanic's Lien Guarantee

Order No. __________

Liability ____________

Fee $ ______________ [Guarantee No. _____ ]

1. Name of Assured:

2. Date of Guarantee:

The assurances referred to on the face page hereof are:

That, according to those public records which impart constructive notice of matters relating to the title to the land described herein, there are no

Notices of Completion

Notices of Cessation of Labor

Notices of Non-Responsibility

Claims of statutory liens for labor or materials (other than such Claims for which a release appears in said records), or

Notices of the pendency of actions to foreclose such liens,

recorded subsequent to _________________________, which purport to affect said land, other than those shown below under Exceptions.

The land referred to in this guarantee is described as follows:


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