CLTA Plant Information Guarantee 17

Plant Information Guarantee

Order No. __________

Liability ____________

Fee $ ______________ [Guarantee No. _____ ]

1. Name of Assured:

2. Date of Guarantee:

The assurances referred to on the face page hereof are:

That, according to the Company's property records subsequent to __________, relative to the following described land (but without examination of those Company records maintained and indexed by name), there are no __________ * describing said land or any portion thereof, other than those shown below under Exceptions.

The following matters are excluded from the coverage of this guarantee:

1. Unpatented mining claims, reservations or exceptions in patents or in acts authorizing the issuance thereof;

2. Water rights, claims or title to water;

3. Tax Deeds to the State of California;

4. Instruments, proceedings or other matters which do not specifically describe said land.


The land described in this guarantee is described as follows:

*Specify particular documents to be listed (e.g., deeds) if qualified investigation; otherwise, insert "instruments".

For issuing guidelines on this form, see Guidelines