CLTA Lot Book Guarantee 12

Lot Book Guarantee

Order No. __________

Liability ____________

Fee $ ______________ [Guarantee No. _____ ]

1. Name of Assured:

2. Date of Guarantee:

The assurances referred to on the face page hereof are:

That, according to the Company's property records relative to the following described land (but without examination of those Company records maintained and indexed by name):

A. The last recorded instrument purporting to transfer title to said land is:

B. There are no mortgages or deeds of trust which purport to affect title to said land, other than those shown below under Exceptions.

C.* There are no (homesteads, agreements to convey, attachments, notices of non-responsibility, notices of completion, tax deeds) which purport to affect title to said land, other than shown below under Exceptions.

(*Insert upon request, detailing the particular matters to be covered)

No guarantee is made regarding (a) matters affecting the beneficial interest of any mortgage or deed of trust which may be shown herein as an exception, or (b) other matters which may affect any such mortgage or deed of trust.

No guarantee is made regarding any liens, claims of liens, defects or encumbrances other than those specifically provided for above, and, if information was requested by reference to a street address, no guarantee is made that said land is the same as said address.


For issuing guidelines on this form, see Guidelines