OR Request for Full Reconveyance 1

TO: __________________________________, Trustee

The undersigned is the legal owner and holder of all indebtedness and other obligations secured by that certain trust deed in which ________________________________, is the grantor and you are the trustee or successor trustee. The trust deed is dated __________________, and was recorded on __________________, and recorded in book/reel/volume No. ____________ on page _______, and/or as fee/file/instrument/microfilm/reception No. ___________________, records of ________________ County, Oregon.

YOU ARE HEREBY DIRECTED, on payment to you of any sums owing to you under the terms of the trust deed or pursuant to statute, to reconvey, without warranty, to the party or parties entitled thereto by the terms of the trust deed, the estate now held by you under the same.

All sums and other obligations secured by the trust deed (choose exactly one):

[__] Have been fully paid and satisfied, and you are directed to cancel all evidence of indebtedness secured by the trust deed (which are delivered to you herewith together with the trust deed.)

[__] Have not been fully paid or satisfied, but the beneficiary is releasing the trust property as security for the debt and obligations.

Mail Reconveyance and documents to:________________________________




Dated: _____________________________




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