SD Acknowledgment-Public Official 1

The certificate of acknowledgment by any deputy sheriff of South Dakota must be substantially in the following form:

State of South Dakota,

County of ___________________ ss

On this _____ day of _______________, in the year _____, before me personally appeared _____________________________________________________

known to me (or proved to me on the oath of ____________________________ ) to be the person who is described in and whose name is subscribed to the within instrument as deputy sheriff of said county and acknowledged to me that he subscribed the name of __________________________ thereto as sheriff of said county and his own name as deputy sheriff.

Source: SL 1887, ch 2, § 1; CL 1887, § 5162; RCivC 1903, § 981, subdiv 3; RC 1919, § 587 (3); SDC 1939, § 51.1615 (4).

See Cal Civ Code, § 1193.


Form of acknowledgment by public officer under uniform law, § 18-5-11.

No guidelines are available for this form at this time.