TX Tigua Indian Claim Letter 1993



Stewart Title Guaranty Company

1980 Post Oak

Houston, Texas 77056

______ (issuing agent) _________



RE: Filing of Notice of Claim to the Ysleta, Senecu, Socorro and Ascarate Grants and Aboriginal Title Areas; (Description of _____ "Land")

We acknowledge that you have disclosed that an Affidavit titled "Filing of Notice of Claim to the Ysleta Grant and Aboriginal Title Areas" has been filed. The Affidavit concerns a claim by the Tigua Indian Tribe of El Paso, Texas, also known as Pueblo De La Ysleta Del Sur. The Affidavit states in part:

"The claim is one for return of possession from third parties of all lands contained within the Ysleta, Senecu, Socorro and Ascarate Grants in El Paso County, Texas (based on aboriginal title and specific Spanish and Mexican Grants); as well as the balance of El Paso County and all of Hudspeth, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Brewster and Presidio Counties, Texas (based on aboriginal title); and for damages for trespass and unlawful occupation and use."

You have advised us that any policy to be issued to us on the land will not except to the Affidavit or claim. You have advised us that we may wish to seek legal advice on this matter. You have also offered to furnish a copy of the Affidavit to us upon request.


(Proposed Insured)

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