T-22 TX Owner Title Policy Commitment for Eminent Domain Proceedings



Commitment No. __________

Date ____________________

GF No. __________________

Parcel No. ________________

This commitment is in connection with an order placed with us for an Owner Title Policy on the real estate described on the reverse side hereof.

We will issue and deliver to you our Owner Title Policy, in the amount of the final judgment, on such property, in the form prescribed by the Texas Department of Insurance, upon entry in favor of ____________________________________, in the eminent domain proceedings now pending as Cause No. _______________ in the ______________ Court _______________ of ___________________ County, Texas, of a judgment which is final and not subject to appeal or review, and the filing of a certified copy of such judgment in the Deed Records of the County in which such land is situated, and payment of the full amount of the final judgment. This Owner Title Policy will contain only the following exceptions:

1. Liens:

2. Restrictive covenants affecting the property above described.

3. Any discrepancies, conflicts, or shortages in area or boundary lines, or any encroachments or protrusions, or any overlapping of improvements.

4. Terms and provisions of said judgment.

5. The following easements held by those not made a party to eminent domain proceedings:

6. Leasehold and other mineral interests:

a. All of the oil, gas and sulphur in and under the above described land.

* b. All oil, gas, sulphur and other mineral interests, including but not limited to leasehold and royalty interests, in the above described land.

** 7. a. Standby fees, taxes and assessments by any taxing authority for the current year.

b. All standby fees, taxes, and assessments by any taxing authority, current and delinquent.

This commitment shall be used only in connection with the issuance of the above mentioned Owner Title Policy.

* Sub-paragraph 6b is to be stricken and must be initialed if (1) condemnation is not a partial taking, and (2) all owners of all mineral, royalty and leasehold interests are parties to and bound by the judgment.

** If a partial taking, and all tax collectors are not parties to the condemnation suit, sub-paragraph 7a is to be stricken and must be initialed. If not a partial taking, and all tax collectors are parties to the condemnation, sub-paragraph 7b is to be stricken and must be initialed.


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