TX Escrow Receipt 1992


Property Address: _________________________________________________________

Escrow Agent acknowledges receipt of $__________ Earnest Money in the form of (cash/check) representing earnest money being deposited pursuant to the attached Earnest Money Contract. Escrow Agent (i) is not a party to the Earnest Money Contract, (ii) has no liability on a check until the check has cleared, (iii) shall not be liable for any interest or other charge on the Earnest Money and shall be under no duty to invest or re-invest funds held by it at any time, (iv) does not represent the allowable use or activity on the Property, (v) does not promise to deliver the Commitment within the time stated in the Earnest Money Contract, and (vi) requires that Buyer make written request of the Escrow Agent for copies of covenants and documents.

___________________________ (ESCROW AGENT) Date: _____________________

By: ___________________________




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