Fees, Rates and Taxes

Deed Transfer Taxes and Documentary Stamps

Arizona does not have deed transfer taxes or documentary stamps. However, an affidavit of real property value must be completed and submitted with any deed to be recorded.


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Mortgage Transfer Taxes

Arizona does not have a mortgage tax.

Real Estate Taxes

Real estate/ad valorem taxes are due in two installments in Arizona. The first installment is due October 1st and is delinquent on November 1st. The second installment is due March 1st and is delinquent on May 1st.

Recording Fees

Recording fees for a document are $9.00 for the first five pages and $1.00 for each additional page.

Search and Examination Fees

Search and examination fees are included in the premium.

Title Insurance Rates

Rates are filed with the State Insurance Department.

The seller customarily pays for the owner's title policy and the purchaser/borrower pays for the loan policy.

For specific questions, contact Arizona underwriting personnel.


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