NY Example Certificate of Conformity 1


: SS.:

County of __________ )

The undersigned does hereby certify that he/she is an attorney-at-law duly admitted to practice in the State of New York, and is a resident of _________________ in the State of _________________ (or that he/she is an attorney at law duly admitted to practice in the State of _________________ and residing at _________________, State of _________________); that he/she is a person duly qualified to make this certificate of conformity pursuant to Section 299-a of the Real Property Law of the State of New York; that he/she is fully acquainted with the laws of the State of _________________ pertaining to the acknowledgment or proof of deeds of real property to be recorded therein; that the foregoing acknowledgment by _________________ named in the foregoing instrument taken before _________________, a notary public (or other officer ) was taken in the manner prescribed by such laws of the State of _________________, being the state in which it was taken; and that it duly conforms with such laws and is in all respects valid and effective in such state.

Witness my signature this _________________ day of _________________, 20_________________.


Attorney-at-law for the State of _____________,

residing in the State of _________________

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